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Enjoy Bubble Football

Nowadays, people of all ages are able to enjoy bubble football which is a type of sports that has evolved only recently. This particular game combines soccer with a large zorb ball of approximately 1.5m diameter which is actually wrapped on the player from his head to the waist while his legs are only free to move. The main purpose of this particular game will be to score more goals as compared to the opposing team. The players try to collide with one another during the game. In this way, the entire game becomes rather funny and thus, it has been named Bumper football or Bubble football.

The tackling doesn’t involve the feet, but rather bubble football the other participants off the ball. There is a goalkeeper just like the game of soccer who needs to prevent the ball from entering the net. Bubble football is actually more light-hearted than regular football. The rules of the game are quite relaxed which allows the spectators as well as the participants to enjoy bubble football. There are a couple of teams each comprising of 7 participants who wear bubble suits while playing this game.