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Enjoy Bubble Football

Nowadays, people of all ages are able to enjoy bubble football which is a type of sports that has evolved only recently. This particular game combines soccer with a large zorb ball of approximately 1.5m diameter which is actually wrapped on the player from his head to the waist while his legs are only free...
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Popular Bubble Football Game

Bubble football game is one of the games that have gained popularity in the recent past as a result of many people loving it. The game which started as a fun activity between two comedians who were trying to showcase golden goal has continued to get many fans and players who have been interested so...
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New Sport Zorbing Football

New Sport Zorbing football, also known as bubble soccer, bubble football, bumper balls and bubble ball is a hilarious new sport played outdoors on grass or indoors in sports halls. The game is a combination of football and zorbing. Zorbing football is perfect for corporate team building, various events, and parties. It is very similar to normal...
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Zorbing Football Is Safe

Zorbing football is one of the latest sports played mostly for recreation. It is also known as zorb football, body zorbing, bubble ball, bubble soccer,bubble football and bumper balls. The game is played all over the world outdoors on grass or indoors in sports halls. The game is easy to play, is safe and extremely fun....
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Bubble Zorbing Football

To do this bubble zorbing football, the participant to be substituted needs to stay by the field sideline as the substituting player goes in the playing field crossing the sideline to join the match simultaneously. All replaced players need to be confirmed for their game gear by a ref before going in to play zorbing...
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Playing Zorbing Football is Lovely and Fun

In 2011, Norway was born a new game called zorbing football. A zorbing football produced at that moment. You can play zorbing football very happy, you can laugh very loudly. You can also look it with concentration. Zorbing football is a very good exercise. The safety of zorbing football is very good. Bubble football game especially...
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Bubble Football Zorbing

An exciting rehash of bubble-wrap, sumo wrestling, and bubble football, bubble football zorbing exists as a thrilling new game that is even extra fun when played. It is perfect for team-building activities, school affairs, church occasions, youth assemblies, birthday celebrations, bachelor parties, and even charity fund raising events. Straight from Norway, this game is not dangerous...
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Zorbing Football For Birthday Party Event

Zorbing Football is a great idea for a corporate event or bachelor party for people of all ages and abilities. Zorbing Football make the ideal birthday party event. Zorbing Football sport, it is a lot of fun football sports. Bubble soccer sports are airtight, inflatable products, pvc or tpu material. It’s a huge inflatable bubble ball diameter 1.2m for children, diameter1.5 m & 1.8mfor adults. bubble football, or loopyball, bubble football is a new for those. the bubble football has a big joke.

Zorbing Football

Zorbing Football is a full soccer game the only difference is that players wear bubble plastics from their heads to thighs. The bubbles are a spiced form of the inflatable sumo costumes worn by wrestlers. The only difference between this costumes and a bubble soccer bubbles is that the whole time while playing and wearing the...
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